Le Pill System

blue pill


The thing about the Blue Pill is. Everyone take its. Your friends, boss, uncle, brother, mother, father, aunt, everyone you knew is probably as Morpheus would say, “living in a dreamworld”. So have you, if you’re red-pilled and reading this, at some point been blue-pilled. We are all born with it sadly. That’s what happens when feminism takes over. Everyone starts off on the left. Even if they grow up in conservative households, they can only hear their parents’ voices so much until they go out into the real world realizing that the status quo (that which is the “correct” opinion) is abundantly Leftist. Not realizing that they’re sheep, they often join the herd, one way or another. That’s how indoctrination works, really. It either happens right away, or it takes time. But if the variables are there, it will happen, given enough time. Don’t be sad about losing them though. For if they were truly conservative, they wouldn’t be able to be “converted”. In other words, we didn’t lose someone to the Left; they already had them.

Blue Pill is birth. Like I said, we’re all born into the Left. What happens is: feminism creates you, by encouraging women to be promiscuous. They are the sex keepers, ya see. You are born out of a promiscuous, for some reason tolerated divorce culture. Probably. You have been hooked up to the almighty feminism motherboard of truth and infallibility for quite some time actually. You could have lived billions of lives for all you know. But what know is, each and every one of those lives, you were asleep, sooooound asleep in that comfy, warm pod during all of them, which means that in each life: you never put two and two together. You always just did as you were told. Which is some cases was good, because it probably led you to greatness. But you never developed character, a sense of dignity. Not only didn’t you ask questions, they didn’t come to you.

Orange Pill is the bi-curious stage of being red-pilled. You’ve waken up in the goop of the human containment pod feminism’s been growing you out of, implanting the simulation of reality in your mind to distract you and make you think there’s a patriarchy. However, you have yet to emerge from your pod, for it still provides that comfortable, familiar security you can’t bare to let go of. So basically this is someone who has a lot of cognitive dissonance. Lots of mixed beliefs. On one hand, they know feminism is our alien motherboard CPU from which reality itself processes. But on the other hand, they’re too damn comfortable with it. The sluts, the memes, the being on their parents’ fucking healthcare ’til they’re 26. They don’t wanna let go of this. They know they can and they’re happy to have the freedom. But they’ve decided it’s simply too risky. 

The Red Pill is something you have to be ready for. It really is. Because once you take a peak outside that pod and see all the endless other pods, all with very familiar names on them, you’ll realize just how fucked you are, and how pointless life almost is, as a result of the epiphany. It’s when you realize that no good can come from being on your parents health insurance until you’re 26, because it’s shitty, rationed, mandated fucking healthcare. It’s when you realize that healthcare in general, the hospitals, the cops, everyone in the system gives not one fuck about you. Not a sliver of a shit. Why? (*adjusts top hat*) That’s for you to wake up and discover on your own, if you dare. Realizing I am the mere product of a promiscuous divorce culture, the very thing consequence of feminism I dread the most, is quite humbling and depressing at the same time. Not only is all the Leftist bullshit that’s been shoved down my throat over the past two decades a fantasy, but if America had been run according to the standards I’ve made clear on this website, I would not exist.

Vaccines, GMO’s, targeted advertising, water supply manipulation, educational “reform”. They’ll do anything to keep you stupid, and voting for them. Wake. The fuck. Up.

Gun control – There’s another blue pill fantasy land dream world for ya. Imagine. Get this right. We make guns super illegal. We put a big message out to the criminal underground saying, ‘No, no, silly criminals. Dash againsh dah lerrr!’ Now, supposedly, this is supposed to stop um—violent crime—or something. Even though most killers obtain guns outside of gun stores. Not to mention you can literally kill someone with um—well—any thing! Plastic, paper, a shoe. Any goddamn thing can be used to commit murder. So there’s that. Oh, and there’s that whole thing about law abiding citizens suddenly being disarmed, and now they’re helpless. Mean while, a thug that gives not one fuck for your precious laws, just may be preying on dem poe helpless citizens naw. Danks, democrats. You guiz are dah besh’t! Here’s the best known gun company in the world. Take a look at their timeline, and check out 1945. I think you’ll be quite stunned to realize that the only types of governments that ever attempt to disarm you are the “tyrants”.

Post-structuralism – Keep in mind, if you find yourself arguing with a feminist, or anyone in a social science class really, you’re wasting your time. These people literally don’t believe in facts, logic, reason, science, and all that. I know! It’s ridiculous. Why would these people try so damnably to use logic and um—REASON?— to try and convince you that their way of thinking is just? I don’t have a goddamn clue. But by simply rejecting this shit (or saying they do, rather), they’ve already given you exemplary permission not to bother having a dialogue with them. They believe the conversation is nothing more than a yelling contest between two hairless apes. So to hell with them. If they’re “not impressed” with “Western” science and wanna tweet endlessly about it from a scientifically engineered electronic apparatus—failing to realize the irony—fucking. Let them.

“Because I’m a woman,” you hear this a lot from Hillary and company. It’s supposed to get you to think, “Oh, wow. A woman living in a ‘man’s’ world. Whoa. She must have like—double vision or something.” Although it really amounts to nothing more than, “what I say is correct, because I say so.” Once said, the conversation tends to devolve into child’s play, when someone more red pilled, who isn’t going to accept such preposterous argumentation, challenges them and says something, equally as ridiculous like: “Well, I know circumcision is bad, because I’m a male!” 

Which it absolutely is bad. Very unfortunate that most mothers allow doctors to mutilate their baby boys’ dicks at births, because they’re that fucking naive and trusting of medical “professionals”. I take great pleasure in listening to the woes of women whose son’s dicks are damaged beyond repair due to oops, an inexperienced fucking doctor. Daaaayum, gurl. Should have thought that one a little more through, huh?! Lmao. Enjoy your son’s hatred. You deserve it. Don’t have a fucking kid from now on, unless you know what you’re doing. Retard.

Think about this. If you even admit to thinking about touching a baby’s dick, you’ll most definitely go to jail and probably die in there once the inmates figure out what a weak, cowardly, sick fuck you are. But if you firmly grasp a baby’s dick at birth and skin his cock for the lord, you are for some reason in this country, looked at as a doctor. Hell,  a hero to some.

Circumcision’s been going on for 5,000 something fucking years. If it’s that “important”, so medically necessary, then gee whiz: why do we bother turning to all these modern day scientists and shit. They don’t know what they’re doing. We should be looking at what the 3000 BC, stone using peoples did, yea. Obviously. They have a clue what’s going on. Wake the fuck up, dipshits. You get circumcised at birth, because you live in a woman’s world. They don’t get paid less than you. They’re not scared of getting raped by you. They own you—and they fucking know it.

If you are uncircumcised, and you don’t think circumcision at birth is such a “big deal”, you should be circumcised by force without anesthesia. Fuck yourself. For to wish that barbaric whore shit upon newborns, yea. Go dance on a high way, seriously.

Circumcision is nothing more than the barbaric reversal of what’s done in Saudia Arabia to women, to reduce their sexual pleasure, by removing their goddamn clitoris at birth. They do this hoping that their wives won’t cheat on them. The same thing is done here, but we drape a fucking medical host of excuses over it. As if god forbid break through science comes through saying we “needed” to chip off women’s clits, we’d be hopping right on board! Oh, we’re making your dick less susceptible to diseases, man. Plus, a lot of women like it that way, man. Fuck you. All of you and your sickening boy dick clipping civilization. Is that really—what feminism has come to?! And you fucking twisted hags have the gull to say you’re looking out for my rights?! Gollee jee, guys. This male privilege is making me drunk with power.