On the Issues

On the Issues

A take on every topic from the respective website, by yours truly.



The idea of murdering a child as being part of “women’s rights” is not a perspective I yield. I’ll make an exception if a woman is physically unfit to have the child (she will die). But beyond that, the issue of “reproductive rights” isn’t a problem for women. It’s a problem for unborn children. The solution isn’t to kill these kids, but to sexually educate the people and discourage promiscuity among generations going forward. In a sexually moral society (which in theory, would account for rape), there would be no need for “abortion”. Women have always had the ability to “plan for their family”. What they haven’t had until feminism took off in the 60’s was a second chance. Sorry, gang. Some decisions are permanent. Sorry your folks didn’t teach you about the birds and the bees sooner. That doesn’t mean you get to murder children.

I’m 100% certain that in an unregulated market, various organizations of the such will provide slow, steady payment plans for women who can’t afford it at the time. What makes me think that? Profit. You need not mandate these things. It just complicates everything for everyone except for the few people who manage to get ahead of the red tape and regulation and then use the very same red tape and regulation to undermine everyone else. I.e. Rockefeller.

How is abortion not murder? What imbues humanity with life, the vaginal canals? If so, why does partial-birth abortion rub you the wrong way? If it’s the emergence of a muscle or organ in particular that decided it for you, why destroy a zygote, knowing it’s about to blossom into a baby and do just that? It makes no fucking sense. It’s murder, people. Anyway you slice it, grizzly pun intended there. The only time murder is okay is when failing to do would result in the death of someone more meaningful to you (like yourself for instance, or a family member).

Rape and abortion are separate issues. The solution to rape pregnancy isn’t murder. It’s sexual education, which doesn’t extent lazily to just “teaching men not to rape” and mundanely without any substance. Obviously much more than just that needs to be done to solve the issue and prevalence of rape, but among those things to be done should not include this blatant barbarism.


Budget & Economy

Seize spending on everything, especially the military. Privatize everything, dismantle the public sector. Decentralize government, such that local governments operate along county lines, independent from one another. Abolish anything “federal”. This way, should a need for government to intervene for any reason (which it rarely should), each local government will have less to deal with, in their numerous, divided arrangement, thus they’ll accomplish more, and quicker.

There’s simply too many people for big, central government anyway. Half the people wanna smoke marijuana for example and the other half hate pot-heads. How do you expect to govern both these types of people under the same laws, and please them? You can’t! Not without good ol’ confederacy. How this doesn’t come off as axiomatic to people, I’ll never understand. 


Civil Rights

Make affirmative action illegal and bring back meritocracy. Marriage will no longer provide tax reduction (though mostly because I would eliminate taxes altogether). Civil suits will be a thing of the past. The government need not settle your disputes. Work it out like adults. The draft will be optional for everyone, though men in particular, will still be heavily incentivized to enlist.

Biological sex is scientifically established as, and is pretty obviously: binary. I absolutely will not support anything that constantly demands government intervention and oversight, and that includes whatever made up bullshit genders you have for me to memorize beyond man and womanso that you don’t feel triggered while you do your job, that no one’s forcing you to do, mind you. Buh Mesh, day are bang forsh’t. Ya gawta wurk or yewl die, hur hur hur.



Corporations are people and as such, they will have free reign to do whatever they wish, in a free market society. Depressions, big bully monopolies, and other economic turmoils will not occur, for problems in the market will naturally work themselves out, free of red tape and hindering regulation. Why wouldn’t they? Why is it that you think businesses, particularly “big ones” are going to start fucking over the very people they rely on to stay afloat? You think once they can “do whatever they want”, they’re just gonna forget about money?! No, dumb fucks. The corporations are your friend. Yes they’ll give you a fucking cookie if you side with them, TJ Kirk, and it’s the best goddamn cookie you’ll ever have. You would know. 



I would push for a constitutional amendment to abolish the death penalty, considering I not only recognize the inherent hypocrisy of using that as a punishment, but also recognize what an abundance of power that would yield for the government. Anyone who claims to be conservative, yet supports the death penalty is a fake conservative—a closet Leftist shill. Anyone who thinks Republicans are a “right-wing” party for that matter, are vastly brainwashed by the Zionist elites. I would release anyone who’s serving time for something non-violent. Crimes of this nature, even felonies, will now be dealt with through fines and community service, which if left uncompleted will then result in prison time. 



Make all drugs legal and dismantle the black markets. Release everyone serving time for strictly non violent drug related reasons, whether it be possession or distribution. (I don’t include acts of self-defense as violence.)



As I alluded to in Budget & Economy above, I want every single currently tax-funded operation in America to become privatized, including schools. Putting your kid in public school would be like putting them through college, not just financially, but in terms of the quality of their education. By the time they finish, they’ll be ready to make the world their oyster. If you can’t afford it, don’t have kids. I’m trying to crank out geniuses in my country, not sheeps and drones. You have to get to these people when they’re young, and inspire them to learn, to innovate, to contribute something to society. Not after they’ve slugged through repetitive public schooling for 14 years. By that time, most young people nowadays would consider that a “drag, man.” I would also make it a crime of treason to teach Marxist ideals in any educational setting. Treason isn’t included under the umbrella of non-violent crimes I would go easy on potential or former prisoners over. Though I would, as my stance on drugs would indicate, make the transportation of LSD not treason. Not exactly sure why it is. That’s a bit absurd. Oh, yea. It’s because when your “third eye opens”, you  might overthrow the government. (*jerk motion*)


Energy & Oil

There hasn’t been any reliable, storable forms of energy discovered that can power the technology we have to the extent that we need to, other than fossil fuels, natural gas, and oil. It is cheap, it is reliable, we are not going to run out of it any time soon. Everyone always says “there’s tons of free energy mayun. Dah corporations just done hid it from us.” It’s like, brah I get it. You can use waterfalls, wind, and what not to power stuff—until you run out of it of course, and only if the thing you’re trying to power is next to said energy source and remains stationary. (cough, cars, cough)



Climate change is undoubtedly real and we’re definitely speeding it up to a degree. It is the people’s problem, once we deregulate everything and allow the private sector to take over. Whatever the market declares, that is the path we shall take in addressing this issue, even if that path is one of indulgent, carbon-spewing hedonism. After all, the surface temperature of Earth is going to keep rising to unprecedented levels over the next century or two, regardless if we ended carbon emissions by 100% indefinitely. So at this point, what have we got to lose?


Families & Children

Foster care will be illegal. In the event parents are to pass away, god parents are to step in to replace the parents, and the cycle continues, until they’re grown ups. Daycare will also be illegal. If you can’t afford the time to parent, don’t. Parenting is serious fucking business. It’s not a game where you hand the controller to your friend every five minutes, so he can get you through the hard parts. Fucking. Parent. Quit neglecting your goddamn kids and allowing markets to form dedicated to just that, you loathsome, naive, sacks of sub-humane garbage.


Foreign Policy

I do not care what goes on in other countries, unless a national siege is imminent. We should not be in the UN. We shouldn’t even be trading with anyone. Our economic superpower can be self-sufficient if we just deregulate and privatize everything. Our “Allies” shouldn’t be relying on us for help, even in times of crisis. Nor should we, them. Every man for himself.


Free Trade

As you just read above, I’m all for “free” trade—within in our country.


Government Reform

As I said in Budget & Economy above, I am absolutely against the federal government and I think states are too big. I want every county in America to have their own laws, so long as they follow the Constitution. Counties can opt for a direct democracy (where the people literally come in to vote on bills), or an indirect democracy like the one we have now.


Gun Control

My stance on Drugs should hint at this. I’m 100% against it. If people want to buy guns, they should be able to with ease, even if they have a debilitating, mental disorder, so long as their record’s clean of violent crime. The argument for gun control is made under the same emotional light as the one for abortion. “You can’t trust humans to do the right thing, man. Therefore, we should incentivize people to do the wrong thing.” Let’s just let American women crank out babies left and right, and let law-abiding citizens suffer potentially at the hands of vicious criminals.



Immigrants will be rigorously tested for adequate knowledge of English and our laws before they’re allowed citizenship. If even a vague connection to terrorism through friends and family shows up on a background check, permitted entry will be unlikely.


Infrastructure & Technology

Same one word magical answer: Privatization.



Jobs are created when people are incentivized to do things, which happens when they’re left alone. So again, my answer (call it simple) is to deregulate everything


Principles & Values

This society runs on Judaeo-Christian morality and any attempts to stray away from it should be fought, for it has provided the stepping stones we needed to invent Laissez-Faire, free market capitalism, which is verifiably the most efficient and incentivizing economic system ever engineered by human beings. You don’t have to be a Christian (which I’m not) to realize that the Golden Rule of Jesus Christ has led to our greatness. Secularism (“relative” morality) is evil and I don’t tolerate it. You don’t get to choose what is right and what’s wrong. It’s pretty cut and dry; all laid out for us. There’s no need to assert notions of “different perspectives” where they’re damn well not warranted. Murder is wrong. Genocide is wrong. Clitoridectomies and circumcision: wrong! These aren’t really opinions, people. I don’t think it’s “fascist” by any means to call these axiomatic facts of life. If anyone tries to entertain the notion that any of it’s “subjective” and “up for interpretation”, I’d be particularly concerned for that person’s mental health.


Social Security

Social Security should not exist. If you don’t have the intelligence to secure your own retirement fund, that is your problem. Not Uncle Sam’s. No one should be “in the system”. All citizens should be sovereign. To be treated like a unit to this extent, with such overbearing levels of unprecedented, needless, government intervention is quite frankly, the pinnacle of examples of modern subtle fascism. 


Tax Reform

Taxation needs to be abolished. It causes nothing but trouble. Everything we “depend on taxes for” can be privatized, and when they are, the myriads of distribution methods, prices, and quality will be plentiful. People won’t be stuck with the same shit everywhere.


War & Peace

Stay out of “world conflict”, unless it forces us in. (i.e. Pearl Harbor) Do absolutely nothing to achieve “peace” in any country but our own. It is their country. It is their responsibility.


Welfare & Poverty

Welfare does absolutely nothing but incentivize people to do anything but work and contribute something to society. If you want the people that depend on welfare today to succeed, you need to give them some tough love and take away their food stamps. If you’re too old or physically unfit to work, your friends and family should be taking care of you—and don’t say you “don’t have family”. If you go back far enough, we’re all related. In fact, we should pretty much consider all sex incest. The amount of humans needed to complete every given family tree in the world, all the way back to the emergence of our species, is monstrously bigger than the amount of humans that have ever lived. So, yea. We’z awl livin’ the trailer trash life. I know it’s a hard reality to cope with, but there it is.