Our core message:

Race is real. Sex is real. Politics isn’t.

We are the only thing fighting globalism. Stand in our way at your peril.

We are the alt-right.



In my entire life, I’ve never met more racist people than “anti-racists”. And I grew up in the South, the supposed breeding ground of incest, chauvinism, and bigotry. As in, I’ve never encountered people more obsessive over and inclined to mention race randomly in a situation, than anti-racists. They are projecting so. Fucking. Hard.


National Socialism

National Socialism not only works. It’s the only thing that works, economically, socially, and otherwise. Capitalism and communism in particular, force us to do slimy, underhanded things. In communism, you take people’s shit outright and murder those who don’t comply. In capitalism, you take people’s shit through manipulation. National socialism on the other hand, forces us all to do what we need to do as individuals to better the nation, and this force isn’t violent, so much a permanent deportation for crybabies. You get to live somewhere else, and we get to go on without you. Everybody wins.

World War II was the turning point for humanity. The bankers got everyone fighting, supplied every side, threw grease into the fire several times, and paved the way for Zionist globalism. Think Hitler was going to take over the world? No. It was his opponents in the war attempting to do that, and they succeeded. Afterward, they effectively brainwashed our youth into believing a reversal of the situation. Most claims of evil perpetrated by Hitler are pure projection on the part of Zionists.


How did you get like this?

I’ve always noticed that the left are the evil ones—projecting all of their evilness out on the right. I wanted to know why everyone around us pretends to be altruistic, “anti-racist”, and caring—when in actuality, they’re mostly egotistical, self-serving sheep. I certainly don’t blame them for the conclusions I’ve drawn. Although my soul wouldn’t be in it not to say—they pushed me out of their circle of mindless conformity and down the “rabbit hole”.


Who controls the world?

The Rothschild family.

The world is made up of people. People live in countries. Countries are run by governments. Governments need money to do stuff. Bankers lend them money, thus indebting the governments, and the peopleto them. At the head of the banking snake is: Jacob Rothschild. His ancestors ruled directly behind him for hundreds of years. By selectively funding sides in wars and indebting, so as to control said forces, it’s pretty easy to easy to see that they run the world. Black Lives Matter. Feminism. It’s all a distraction from their intended collapse of our economy. That’s why I can’t argue with feminists and dindus. I’m not scared of them. They’re just a waste of my time. They think they’re owning me in a conversation, when in actuality, they’re being puppeted and if they knew the extent of that puppetry, their every cherished belief and principle would probably begin to break down. Mine sure did.


The slight uptick from 1930-1945—war.

They could reign in all “anti-Semites” like myself in America right now if they wanted to. They just haven’t at the moment because we haven’t unplugged that many people yet, and so in trying to do so, we unintentionally end up fulfilling part of their agenda, in riling people up. More people that have physical and testimonial evidence that the Holocaust didn’t happen as we think it did (or at all)—reside in Germany than anywhere else. That’s probably why it’s illegal to deny the Holocaust over there. They know too much.


Did the Holocaust happen?

If it did, I certainly don’t condone it. However, I vehemently disbelieve that it did. I wouldn’t say those with “lost relatives” are lying per say. Although, they may have perhaps been lied to.

  • Why did people die at the camps then? – Typhus.
  • Why couldn’t the Germans protect them? – The Allies bombed all their supply buildings.
  • What was the purpose of the camps in the first place? – To protect people from Bolshevist assimilation. Some were coming to those camps voluntarily. Germany wasn’t “taking over” Europe. She temporarily occupied much of her continent, to their wishes.
  • Why do they look so menacing, and what’s with all the evil Nazi photos? – Bolshevist, post-war sabotage.


Will you ever “go back”?

Once one learns of the water cycle, they don’t go back to believing in the rain God, just because you ask of them nicely.

Maybe the whole anti-white thing hadn’t quite started picking up in all areas of the country when my folks were kids. So any “anti-Semitic” theories they’ve ever come across—they probably just said, “oh, that’s stupid,” and walked away. It’s not the same for me. The dynamics have changed brutally since they were little. No one’s going to shake me of that notion. I’ve lived it.

You can only call so many things and people “anti-Semitic”, like PewDiePie—before anyone with a thinking mind starts to question if even the most, basic things we’ve ever been instructed of the such are “anti-Semitic”, such as national socialism. Here’s a hint: it isn’t. Hitler did nothing wrong. Ask Ghandi

Ya reap what ya sow. When you poke and prod at the intentions of a man, his intentions intensify. It’s in our nature. When we’ve just about got the world figured out, but we’re not quite sure—nothing kicks our desire to explore it in depth into overdrive like a weak, drive by, messy, fallacious, watered-down piece of bullshit “criticism” from a friend or loved one. I mean if I’m just blowing smoke, what’s the concern? Are you afraid I might—wake people up?!

They always say, “do what makes you happy,” and other insufferable bullshit like, “follow your dreams.” But it’s all an act. The people peddling this whoreshit to you don’t even take that advice half the time. If you don’t conform, people will single you out and for the most part—hate your guts. But if you do conform, you’ll be an imbecilic drone with no personality. You can’t not get fucked in this situation, so ultimately it depends on what you want, I guess.

If you’re a superficial narcissist and the amount of friends you have and what they can “do for you” matters more than the friends themselves, then I guess conforming and nodding your empty fucking head will be a riot. However, if you consider other things in life important besides yourself, I’d say that being a maverick, a martyr, or whatever—is the obvious choice. Don’t let other people think for you. They have their own brain; this one is your’s. Use it.


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